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MONSTER TRUCK :“True Rockers”  Mascot records 2018,(Universal)

True Rocker    
 Devil Don't Care     
Being Cool is Over     
Young City Hearts     
In My Own World     
Denim Danger     

The Howlin'Dificult to conclude where to rank it,however is not purebred rock n'roll ,such as not party hard rock , because become enough serious and also containing concerns, is a base from stoner rock, mixed with rock blues, type "ZZ Top",or "Bad Company"
 The proof that it is a dynamic band was seems from their first album "Furiosity"
in the second album "Sittin 'Heavy" they seemed to know very well and to handle their skills but also to compose loud -potential- melodic opus for great audiences ,makes the effect in this album to raise people and large their funbase.
Compared to previous albums,in opener track "True Rockers" many things are changing not much that is with regard to restoration,creating somewhat more bluesy, became more blues rock , during the (listening) of the album they did not lose their smoky rock style while this time songs regards explosion and detonation are even more catchy, everything rely on rock'n'roll yellings, and hard rock screams, while, though reminding of ZZ Top, as if Billy Gibbons is trying to play thrash.  The second is "Thundertruck" a potential fury speed,an old Hammond C-3 is the main pillar that gets to old school heavy.  "Evolution" prevails an abrupt intermittent rhythm most of the strong riffs cover pre existing melody, the beat  pulses are followed from Jon Harveys yelling who announces something that will come (social riots what ealse) .    Something like "38 Special" or like "Stevie Ray Vaughn" is the"Devil Do not Care" makes a kind of acoustic intro by the guitar, a blues narration in regards someone's cursed ,as south rock pattern the rhythm section leads and then follows the main part  the way of a 'boogie rock' .
This old school backtime sound secret of Monster Truck   is somewhere between 'Georgia Satellites' whitch mixed with some 'Foghat' and a great dose of 'Black Oak Arkansas' , elements which make them even stronger alongside making consecutively repeated guitar solos, bands compositions follows some null street ethics, put as target to urged  regards Anglo-Saxon society assets to get amok,specialy disturbed country rock youth to participate in their style rock,urban audiences may accept them shallow as fashion for some days only.
The "Undone" is a slow bluesy anthem, an emotional strong song,with deep vocals and burn guitar solos, made for late night radio fm waves, also a slow tempo anthem is  the last one the"Howlin" a hefty dramatic bluesie
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MAD MAX : "35"
Steamhammer/SPV 2018


The Hutch
Running to Paradise
Beat of the Heart
Thirty 5
Already Gone
False Freedom
Goodbye to You
Rocky Road
Paris Is Burning

35 is a sign mark for M.Max ,which states that band is for 35 consecutive years in positive activity as a full international band In this release named "35" dominates classic Heavy Glam (Poison,Ratt) sound  to most of the tracks not in a nostalgic mood but strong and creative.Its an angry AOR but filtered mutch to easy stage.

In fact it's another punch to the competitive creative recording status in regards the band having good creations and melodic too but also turbulent,while much better than previous "Interceptor" album five years ago.
As at 2015 through their record label released a best of collection "Thunder Storm and Pasion"........

"Running to Paradise" is the opener track!, "R-t- P" is a track that reminds  early Judas Priest something like the museum track Hellion, the riffs are strong and solid is pleasing and his lyrics travels the listener has no darkness,no rage  but a cozy optimistic air ,restful, while on the other hand looks enough rowdy.

Keyboard is the basic instrument that supports melodicity of 35,due that is full of hooks that make all the tracks attractive and catchy,this album has an end in itself, to exalt its catchy songs. Main purpose guide the Sunset Boulevard tradition as also in general, Los Angeles music factory works,reminds House of Lords, reminisces Pretty Boy Floyd ,close to Gotthard ,similar to Krokus,copied something from Great & White,steeling Quiet Riot,and acting like early Dokken.

Third track is (03) "Beat Of The Heart" :the proper rhythm on a scheduled melody ,rhythm section is potential and tuned well, the guitars doesn't exaggerate they do not overdo it, mental charge is passable to let time for thought and reflection ,identical to some melodic hit from Survivor or some Toto's hit or Styx.The story is close to cristian message,or something white and religious shit, how can it be metal and idiots irrationalists,seems in music industry where many superstitious idiots...

"D.a.M.n"It's dynamic one of the album's highlight,pace is in Mid Tempo so unique and run very potential,does not leave you indifferent  magnetizes at the hearing, Michael Voss as veteran expert  guitarist cares to write the track where he would show his solo skills ,..all choruses are the pillars where track was composed on them in regards the story explained as the singer narrates ("D.a.M.n" means "Devil's After Me Now") give some meaning and repeat several times wrapping riffs and solos followed by rhythm section.

At the bottom there is a bonus eleventh track (nr 11), is a cover regards Voss shows their main influences comes from the 80's that is a Dokken song from  1983's the "Paris Is Burning" performed in a much tougher way than the original


Scorpions manage to make shows due to playing more must rhythms, mainstream heavy and amazing mass spectacle in our country. Because very simply audiences are accustomed to them.all the comments are about their concert at the Panathenaicon Stadium on Monday evening the 16th of July 2018.
Came under tour planning   called the"Crazy" World Tour,they did not come exclusively for us, by some plans  here in  Greek state,  were accompanied by lockal "state orchestra" created a special treaty under  Stefanos Tsialis conductor,  the stadion was packed to the bone,despite to many media idiots who moved unfavorably to bands fame.

 Scorpions live shows in regards organizers are much higher most safest choices to make money for sure.
__Families (parents with children) come over to Scorpions mass meetings, also nostalgics (wolves) of mainstream hard rock goes, who don't bear extreme metal and black metal concerts ,and yet orientalists who belong culturaly  to oriental bouzouki folk culture ,come ,due to curiosity and at a shy name such as Scorpions brand , they go steadily to every different place they gonna play, no matter how many times they have seen them,just to find themselves in wild rock air ( distorted guitars drums screamings) the same uneducated wild boars will go to Metallica or to U2 ,for the reason that  they feel a religious sense during concert's time becoming in psychological excess by doing air guitar and head-banging.

Out right the leftist middle-aged journalists began to redact negative articles against the choice of Scorpions dinosaurs, arguing that it's a kitch and debasement old men crue an adulterated backward band, beter would be to bring "Arctic Monkeys"  or "Franz Ferdinand",or Kaiser Chiefs, claimed that these are fresh inteligent pop bands, at this antiscorpions campain was leading the crappy old man Yannis Petridis from his castle the state FM era,and others,

Namely, that Rudolf Schencker and Klaus Meine made a master plan to come in Athens to play at the concert in Kallimarmaro to cut up many tickets, afterwards raise the money with the purpose to buy a house in Santorini or Mykonos, means, that we were the fools,!as a matter of fact that can't be happen, in regards others rock stars from other genres have master plan to get us the money and buy home in Mykonos

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Rock of Angels records_2018

track listing
01. William Kidd (04:28) 02. The Chalice (04:23) 03. Death Avenue (03:55) 04. Nightrider (04:50) 05. Hellhound (04:23) 06. Wheels Of Steel (04:36) 07. The End (06:17) 08. Attila (04:54) 09. Straight Through The Heart (05:04) bonus tracks 10. Creatures Of The Night (05:33) 11. Long Live Rock'n'Roll (Rainbow cover) (03:57) 12. Deja Vu (Iron Maiden cover) (05:00)

Thats their third album based on classic British Metal principles ,full dose of antisystemic air, huge gloss of violence and boldness, following as life-style music slogan Loud & Proud so it likes something that stings and bites,not easy to be listen anytime.And because we're talking about British Heavy we're basically talking about Iron Maiden's Higher Education Institution that is, about the big drawback of Monument . So long, as this band is swimming at Iron Maiden college graduation ,whereas is a disadvantage cause it's predictable that is known before what you goint to hear after below except some perverted ears like mine which love this metal-sort to death.
This concreteness cover of "hellhound", has influenced by some others album wich has made long time ago ,so watching the "Rods" album cover titled "Wild Dogs" issued at 1982 that had came out in vinyl,almost copied by the monument that depicted of a dog with three heads and four feet, so monument cant be messiahs, they remain simple prophets in metal.
01 _-_ "William Kid":strong composition give tied metal ,about rhythm seems up tempo,liable are the two guitars prevailing all rest instruments,frontman makes his hoarse vocals,is a legendary tale,in impulsive tone about someone well-known young corsair.
02 _-_ "The Chalice" : sounds very close to past album of Maiden "X-Factor" of 1995 ago,with Blaze Bayley's hoarse microphone, while then everything was determined from twin guitars of Janick Gers and Muray.Here, Monument entirety is through potential rhythm,besides with fierce singing from Pete Elis,the story tells to drink the bitterness of sin from devils chalise,this regards symbolic your decision for living on the edge.
03 _-_ "Death Avenue":As to incuring producer the 70 years old Martin Birch as much as I try, this reminds the "22 Acacia Avenue" if I'm not wrong ,while in substance has its own way of expression,the twin guitars here are toughern than Acacia Avenue and Pete Elis is more rude than was Dickinson,while lyrics are much more savage, much more shockingly.
07_-_:"The End": it could have been as ballad but should be sacrilege for such tough band,to make teardrops tracks is a heartbreaking social speculation a slow metal blues
while if that was not collateral to the 'Fear Of The Dark' at the age of 1992, then it's the of today Fear Of The Dark of 2018, has a guitaristic intro but after the prelude follows outbreak, pop-out riffs , the pace rise-up, the drums goes stronger
(the band includes former members from the band White Wizard, they use two guitarists to give more rich sound,they formed in 2011 in London, former members were the guitarist Lewis Stephens and singer Peter Ellis they issued three ful length albums: 1)Renegades, 2)Hair of the Dog, 3)Hellhound)

  "Walk The Earth"
Victor /Nuclear Blast

1.     "Walk the Earth"
2.     "The Siege"
3.     "Kingdom United"
4.     "Pictures"
5.     "Election Day"
6.     "Wolves"
7.     "GTO"
8.     "Haze"   
9.     "Whenever You're Ready"
10.   "Turn to Dust"

Sueds Europe outfit in 1986-87 became well-known in our backward and low culture countries such as Greece, Turkey or former Yugoslavia from  "The Final Cownt Down" hit song of these days,topic of this song is about some space trip in the future and circumscribes spacecraft's take off while and  feelings and thoughts about this interplanetary astral journey, due to the fact that, inhabitants and citizens of this european teritory did not know English dialect well, nor were able to comprehend song's lyrics,they catch the instrumental melody part of it,as a ringtone,as West European mark rhythm similar to their top oriental local songs, so "Final Downt Down" transformed to a rock signal  and used as musical carpet and jingle to radio football shows or basketball tv shows due to was potential and pretty, and as it was repeated daily making its influential brainwashing, and began known to ignorant orientalists and rough hooligans as sonic mark at broadcast sport's spirit.

Europe have more than 10 albums unfortunatly are aged enough , most of the early years are in hair metal air, and hearing in a little seems like from Nazareth to MC5 or some parts from Deep Purple up to Genesis ,of worse start Purple's kind.So regarding of aging can't make songs about chicks and erotic excuses or making dates with models and mannequin queens with long legs and blue eyes,or driving mad in the freeway  some vehicle with 100 milesPH, and among others not anything great but from their old good listeners none going to cheer up in such hard rock to listen up , so time has come for them to look for some serious act, and deep highbrow-themed disc but not anything extra radical, but corny social considerations which though as it's setting to music becomes more dramatic. they intend to do something like Syd Barrett did ,or Roger Waters made once ,or Robert Fripp and made some topics like King Crimson's start era,means that!!, they dont  chase fame more,nor want more to be celebrities  like Bret Michaels (Poison) or Tommy Lee,or Nikki Sixx (Mottley Crue).
FULL OF ANGER SONGS: these are (nr 02) The Siege, and (nr 07) GTO, and (nr 08) Haze, beggining with (track 02) that's an Up Tempo in strong rhythm, not as running the power metal however  tough potent guitars keeping the threatening style in prolonged pace as emphasize choruses regards following repression  topic is about destruction of the environment ,how  did constructions developments and finance interests  approach the " oppress " due  of that we all forced to participate in it as part of the problem.  As for (track 07): "GTO" is a break out song, guitars riffing dynamically,syntheseiser keeps song orchestrical  and pretty performing , it sounds like Jon Lord's Hammond B3 sonic air reminds Steppenwolf on purpose, theme regards  some fast vehicle and how beautiful main character feels ,mentions in lyric's,  feels to drive fast in full speed .  (track 08) "Haze":It's rhythmbeat is somehow Up Tempo and comes out, like listening to some cover from once upon a time  Iron Butterfly  "akada-da-vida" clima, the chorus says "Come Into The Haze" intoxicated, the horny guitars comes out vintage aggressive  and threatening (perposely)  same as Blackmore's in Deep Purple days,as fact says we all diped in a decay air.
THE PSYCHEDELIC HIT: is the song (Track 04) "Pictures"! its a slow tempo,  a grandioso rigid melancholic composition where centerpiece is the piano, while guitars are hidden behind , the beloved glam metal frontman  and Sunset Strip member J.Tempest acting Sid Barret as in 1967 was in a sceptic and intellectual mood   ,the composition is stinking Pink Floyd as well as Genesis copying, pure theft ,these kind whimperer songs were named ballads in the 80ties ,and ..!!!--Warning--this  track is a  follow-up and and sequel to the old super-hit "Final Countdown", in a way responds to what was after regards all these folks who were flew to Venus.
Tempest (with a little help from the others) wrote all songs.
Who is this Dave Cobb in the role of producer,...anyway in this album he charges the chair of producer.
The band choose to make something like the americans "Sons Of Liberty", or something like "OSI" (Office Of Strategic Influence),Or something like "Fates Warning", acting the radical band with liberialistic topics.

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Cirith Ungol  at  Citaro club live stage stage  Friday 23/2/2018

Epic yelling, oldschool-doom bass lines and lyrics about dark, heroes and hell stories (which lyrics the people that gathered to Citaron scene-club knew well and without spelling) set the stage for an athenian top show for ageless Los Angelians ...It was not surprising that Citaro (indoor) club was full, after last year's featured of Cirith Ungol  at Up The Hammers festival, all those who enjoyed them at Gagarin at the time (many articles wrote about that Gig then) also many boys from this city haven't catch the show then, and wanted to see them this time, at least those who  come find out exactly what they have lost then.

Dexter Ward  (italian)played a 50-minute set, perhaps big on the basis of how much first support they usually play. On the other hand, became very obvious to those who didn't know that they did not have the typical band that opens an international concert in order to win miles: here we had a "shape tied up" with its own material, which matched metal velocities and melodies and gained further points from the outstanding presence of their singer Marco Concoreggi. The warm applause with which the world has blown them out was judged  right.
Then came on scene  the Night Demon, which many of those who gave this show at Citaron showed the same eagerly anticipated as headliners. These Americans (who also played last year's Up The Hammers fest) are also considered one of the hottest new names in metal industry. And the truth is that any objections to the retro sound ,or the somewhat flat way that the frontman / bassist 'Jarvis Leatherby' sang on stage was in a natural normal place, working as a well-engineed metal engine and giving a show with unceasing energy, _N-Demon_  certainly gave their time to their new album maned "Darkness "Remains" , also to their 50-minute set. And they are in honor with their spinning metal as 1980s references (Riot, Jaguar, Tokyo Blade etc) that even me who do not declare as fan, nor did I understand when the time passed. And surprising  the stage the appearance of a figure dressed in mantles and a crowned head, who was conquering the members of the satanic chalice that he held in his hands.
Cirith Ungol came  at  stage front of  an already-prepared audience but they did not fail to make it clear that, no matter how much they had been entertained before, he was there exclusive for them: yelling rhythmic references regards members names, much applause, and cunnies they accompanied headlining band on stage, while stageroom then taking fire once when started playing  song "I'm Alive". Apparently happy about recepting, the legendary  frontman Tim Baker responded a little while after smiling ,while the front audiences  shouts   Cirith Ungol cirithungol - "Cirith Ungol" that "We Are  Cirith Ungol and We Bring and Blood and IRON", to follow with the known hit "One Foot In Hell "  of 1986

Bass was  played by the bassist of   Night Demon  named Leatherby (is officially steady member, since 2016), while Greg Lindstrom on guitar and Robert Garven on  drums were present from the founders line up that set up the band on California's west coast at  early 1970s -with Jim Barraza (also on guitar), to fix up the five piece. This staff  runing easy  and sparking and it was lucky to make  pretty sound, while final result was explosive regards their outburst, but also to feel in big splendor the almost doom bass lines along black sabbath echoe s ,wich  often put us in prettiest way to their dark fantasy kingdom .

Tim Baker, was sometimes weak while trying for his best: the passage of time has not been favorable, and the particular way  which was interpreted was not favored in live gig conditions. In other moments, however, he was truly evergreen and outstanting as, what was lost in words was replenished either by his epic, "halfording" tristies or by the croud itself, singing in chorus knowing the repertoire in and outside .(additionable, they were released four 4 albums as C. U.) and then came expected known well songs  "Frost And Fire", "Black Machine", "Join The Legion", and  the cover "Fire" (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown).They played totaly about  90 minutes and dont made the usual encore as  was expected the depart was directly,last departed songs were "King Of Dead"  and  titled "Cirith Ungol", all  event was an honest  feature, no agents no guards.This sort of concert was not for adults or newcomers to monument doombands , in the croud arena was full of purists and veterans of good old days and other pilgrims of old sound.

H E A V E N  &  E A R T H " Hard To Kill "
 Quarto  Valley  Records
T r a c k l i s t:
1. Hard To Kill
2. Walk Away
3. Till It's Over
4. Bleed Me Dry
5. The Game Has Changed
6. Anthem
7. Monster
8. LA Blues
9. Hellfire
10. Beautiful Monsters
11. Bad Man

>>THE GODFATHERS: In the beginning regards the backward to the old school sounds was by Black Crowes at 1990 and followed by Germans Kingdom Come who copying Zeppelin motifs.  Since then, the music industry has been stuffed with backtime and Vintage heavy bands from all over the planet,todays dominant acts and leadings outfits are "Monster Magnet", "Rival Sons", "Monster Track", "Wolfmother", "Vintage Trouble"and dozens of other remarkable ones. ( of course had preceded to it -Trouble- and -Saint Vitus- but with small feedback and recognition)
>>"MAIN MATERIAL":It's a strong project band that based in Los Angeles,(basically it's a Hollywood based band with acquaintances in Beverly Hills,Sunset Bulevard etc etc),the sound ranges somewhere between classic Bad Company or early Deep Purple or else something like several projects made by Joe Lynn Turner,or else like the Whitesnake of 1978 untill 1984 or like the Doogie White Project or like the Voodoo Circle or Michael Schencker.
Heavymetallized Hard Rock phase built on syntheseiser but mainly Hammomd organ phase also as an electric piano.
>>ADMINISTRATORS OF THE BAND: Leading premier in act is veteran Stuart Smith, the main guitarist,founder and songwriter,a consummate virtuoso, best of his forgoten race and maybe more,a Richie Blackmoore's learner, wich from now on, aiming to rebuild the splendor of "Rainbow-Deep Purple" era
And his companion new yorker singer Joe Retta, a very good tenor voice fixed with intense coloring notes, masculine air, and positive rock n roll consciousness, unfortunately does not perform the rock to opera show, nor during his stage act transform lyrical-metal stuff to make baroque oratorium(for metal audiences) like many colleague snob singers, is also the main composer of lyrics,and central topics concepts.
(Unfortunaly they met,not by accident,but by some agent's advice,somewere at Los Angeles musical labyrinth)
--The determined keystone sound from the priestly hammond type B3 and keyboards in "hard to kill" recordings was handled by Ty Baillie as sideman,until the album came out, after its release, took his place the well-known Mike Mangan connoisseur and virtuoso of priestlike Hammond B3 , which makes the sound timing workmachine go sixty years back.
>>THE TWO MORE MACHO & POWERED SONGS: a)(the 03rd track) "Till Is Over" :Manly explosion as in the 60s and b)(the 05th track)"The Game Has Changed": in grandioso guitar chords prelude topic says contrasts of today,alongside, the past. Regardles Bad Company's lasting glamor and power,pure crystalline sound without screams or barking ,both songs in a "Be Bop metal", like band's jaming in psychedelic giddiness
>>BLACKMORE COVERDALE SONGS: these are(track 10) "Beautiful Monsters" and "Hellfire" (Track 09), most motifs and compositions like to came out from year 1974 D.Purple's "Burn" gold album, as far as "Hellfire" is an up tempo,obvious are D.Purple's lending compositions ,subsist a permanent and an integrate instrumental musical carpet that surrounds and supports the whole song,this powerful vibe is due to guitars and the rhythm section.
>>FORCE FIREWORKS:both tracks are pretty explosive which means soaring adrenaline the(02-track) "Walk Away" and the "Monster" (07-track). "Walk Away" in spite of is loaded of vibrations , surrounded  by dreamlike refrain,Retta's microphone performs absolutely aggressively and rhythmically,like to buck on us,apparently is band's arena gig song . and below the "Monster":is the politicized one  social song of this album played in a Mid Tempo while the guitars pound too,sounds somewhat,a relatively -Whitesnake- at the "Cheap an 'Nasty" of 1989,while still as -early Dokken- at "Into the Fire" in 1984 ,in spite of the on stage urging, with regard to interpretation of Retta ,who's yelling and barking  to transmit for audiences his potent, dragging all from stage's below to follow his dominate manner.
-TOWER OF BABEL- : "Lake Of Fire"
Lion Music
List of songs

1. Dragonslayer
2. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
3. Lake Of Fire
4. Addicted
5. Midnight Sun
6. Eternal Flames
7. Once Again
8. Stardust
9. Eyes Of The World
10. Lamb And The Wolves
11. Thoth
12. All Out Warfare

This albut was prepared for along,long, time,well.......Most metal session musicians give the best and the more  successful albums in our days, the most successful albums made by  those professional session bum mercenaries of studios who on their finance anguish are forced to earm money for living,playing and recording by accident anything catching and girlish metal, or Harry Potter's riffs only to grab some cash ,but accidentally give songs that excite  masses, while they are under pressure and supervision of some labels authorized producer..!(usually labels employees after all, pay in steamy cash, hand to hand)
The case 'Lake Of Fire'  has an unjustified mistake regarding the outward appearance of frontcover cause is a splay junk made under rush at photoshop graphics ,shows a horrible castle figure and in the middle mixed and a skull,a teenage sketchiness under the pressure of deadline dates and labels orders about finance spences due to low budget cost and huge dates rushes,   -----
Concerning the "lake of fire" stuff, Isn't something  that reminding some boogie metal genre like Status Quo or Bad Company motifs old good hippie hooks and horuses,no!!, but  happens to sounds like  Dio's  covers from "The Last in Line" and "Holy Diver" some memorable hits, the Tower of Babel guys  persist to follow this way of Dio's heavy tradition,and most tracks compositions have been written as some sort of imitation  Yngwie Malmsteen's way act and playing, as guitarist Joe Stump was apprenticed to Blackmoore's school, however plays tougher and faster than his "virtual mentor" and more complicated, to all album plays a tone of excessive long-long solos and metallic neoclassical riffs motifs.     (mind to me a special comparison could be with  germans "Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate" or the greeks  "Mystery (Perlepes)" and the "Yakis George"band)

about some of the front tracks
(first track 01) "Dragon Slayer": an outburst song,the prelude is flaming guitar chords below continuance reminds Yngwie Malmsteen's early albums a)Rising Force and b)Marching Out,such as stormy drums and  rhythm section,while Stump's guitar making riffs gunpowder bursts,in the meantime the yelling macho microphone from Csaba Zvekan is a singing voice combination in between Lemmy style and Dio way
(second track 02) "Its Only Rock'n'Roll":potential rhythm and melodic,it rolls like mid tempo pace ,not much fast, like faithful Rainbow's copycover the named old track "Down to Earth" from 1979 same name album,and keyboards maestro 'Mistheria' brings from timeboat and timeboards at 1979 Don Airey's act and replicates  that faithfully,vocalist Csaba Zvekan exactly reproduce Graham Bonnet's interpretation since then.
(03rd track): "Lake Of Fire"  the riffs fall ceaselessly,in regards guitar solos are endlessly,potential bone rhythm under horse galloping,an honest Ritchie Blackmore's formula under Zvenkan emancipation,once upon a time when  producer was Martin Birch and Ronnie James Dio on microphone, the well known vintage hit 'Snake Charmer' or best-known rock-clubs cheelplay "Black Sheep of the Family", perfect virile interpretation by the fixed voice of Csaba Zvekan,rage air and burr ,these students of Blackmore are superior to the teacher
(05 track): "Midnight Sun": the 1982 "Death Alley Driver" with radical changes much more abruptly much more explosive,making his bulky riffs,Joe Stump's guitar touches the finality ape the haunted blackmore and Joe Lynn Turner on Svekan's microphone!! maybe  best song from the album.

Is a solid band all members are professional session musicians,the guitarist is wanking all the time,so this kind is for very strong ears.Its songwriting is studied and prepared pretty good long time before, is going to blow away many audiences

--Ulysses  Goner----

DEEP PURPLE: ''InFinite''


01. Time For Bedlam

02. Hip Boots
03. All I've Got Is You
04. One Night In Vegas
05. Get Me Outta Here
06. The Surprising
07. Johnny's Band
08. On Top Of The World
09. Birds Of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues

What's the importance,when Deep-Purple founder members been seventy years old? does this plays key role in the quality of Infinite according to petty social group prejudices, due to Purples happens to be aged at their 70 years old,means,they shouldn't to make new albums, but also to be ashamed performing up-on stage at this age, regarding to petty and scummy rock-people,regarding Gillan and Glover ought to sit at homeland in Hertfordshire and wait to die.The maliciousness and jealousy of the newest jerks reviewers where born about 1975-1980years  gonna tell you, "But well? does it cool to be their wax-simulations at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and instead to make fucking new albums like young scoundrels",what do they think mad grandpas,does these todays tracks are such as 'Speedking' and 'Bloodsucker' when were strong once at 70ties to go up and catch nr 4our in the UK charts again.Thats how can be explained all these derogatory reviews behavior about this album all around.How can they underestimate Gillan's voice.......and of course they are accused as greed for glory and cash and voracious for the charts,from redhead pop-dance press.
Now with the title of the album, the concept idea of Infinite states that maybe it may not be their last album, they give an ambiguous answer, neither a "Yes" nor that they retiring here, ambiguously games
It is known that the enemies of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin are the Beatles sworn fans, Lenon's fanatical followers and fans of the "70 Seventιies" anachronistic pop, like Simon & Grandfunkel,or Paul McCartney & Wings,or Tim Bucley lullabies, and,let it, has been spent 60 years since then, also  modern pop listeners like this of U2 (Bono), all these pop sound groups consider Deep Purple a malignant hippie sort, cheep-violent music.
Let's just check some tracks from the album
(01)-"Time For Bedlam": Its complete melodic a determine composition and badge for D.P.brand,referred to their known hardrock sort at early times yet guitars are figure out so to dont surpass,and don't convert in heavy metal, Glover banging his bass guitar boosted  rhythm section, Don Airey's hammond core sovereign and last 'till song's end
(02)- "Hip Boots" : known purple air and Gillan's voice  leeds the lyrics story telling about young rouser's boots
,guitars are highlighted with raging riffs surrounds and follow the Hammond of Don Airey thus created something rhythmically potentional lure for every audience somewhere goes steep with cuts and melody's steep great ups and downs  (.... seems the speed metal track of the whole album).
(03) - "All I Got Is You": At last sad crawl guitars Rainbow-syndrome, with rail rails guitar-solos Blackmoore temperament,however, give's an easy listening love song not pretty pop but something cool and flowing
(04) - "One Night In Vegas": It's somehow like up tempo beat ,fortunately the most defiantly street-bum track and most remarkable compared with rest of all tracks, guitars going heavy and cranchy but violent not soft, is smart sharp and quite aggressive,Gillan's focal figure tells how was drifting some decadent night from bar patrons,bar-whores and street-maids
(10) - "Roadhouse Blues" and it has been surprisingly also  Doors cover,a hit since 1970, Gillan gives a unique performance, in different slow heavy beat than Doors done, essentially track tells about motorbikes trips, here they turn it more tougher, more bluesy and southern rock_rest of all to your check when you touch this album.......


  1. Path to Freedom
  2. Die Like Kings
  3. Rebels of Our Time
  4. Yolo Hm
  5. The Final War
  6. Across the Lightning
  7. Fireheart
  8. Iron Hill
  9. Heroes in the Night
  10. Running for Salvation

-Fighting till the End

They are not ,as to say "the Germans Manowar" . No this matters like misunderstanding or a way of belch for this band
It's about a lukewarm Epic Metal and not big aggresive one, also made by a carefully mainstream power metal stuff, due to songwritting,composes, synths,lyrics seems that everything has calculated to dont get irrational towards extreme metal and to dont misbehave towards gator of Death/M screamers.
Creator and main composer figured frontman Tarek Maghary ,also about this fellow you could tell that perhaps would be some illegitimate child from a former Manowar's groopie once upon somewhere in the past ,cause regardless the reincarnation of europian Eric Adams he has all his caracter's artistic elements positive and negative eric adams spirit.....
It shows no big sound vanguard,seeing that has crafted commercially by studio-craftsmen and corporate nameless specialists to stir up and drag fieries audiences.It is a "eurometal" a germanoscandinavo recipe ,in particular intense macho aesthetics For alleged CD-customers furthermore a conservative power metal, all guitar riffs are well built and nailed in mind ,much melodic hooks with moderate lyricism without puzzles and abstract lyrics ...

have alook in some of the first songs
(02)first track_"Die Like Kings": to highlight it's aggression has tough chorals created from the other members of the band, track's tempo is moderate 'up tempo' but not in excessive , guitar riffs are catchy and glamorous ,the potential rhythm section leads and that singer too ,also a middle part has showy solos to fill some sonic-gap ,riffing guitars hearded continually,place constantly ceaselessly throughout song's duration .(if you wish to rise your social class dont die like a commoner--die like autocrat--thats a social message from Majesty band--and remember monarch has blue blood,not red!!!!)
(03)second track. "Rebels Of Our Time" :~ sounds something like Rhapsody's stuff,or as Mob Rules music, basically made of as magnificent heavy rhythmic track looks something like religious psalm .Epic atmosphere created by bands choruses that are synchronized along with coordinated choirs which is evocative and give grandeur and mental fascination guitars fuzzing on a concrete pattern while the riffs become roughened and lengthy ..
(04)third track Y`OLO-HM: In this respect is a rapid one,~ an 'up tempo'!,wich galloping continuously,songs lyrics story narrating from choruses as march song specializing to coordinate armed troops, or some chopper bikers crew, or hooligans team,as feast full of guitars
(05)fourth song THE FINAL WAR: is based on a rhythmic epic melody a furiousness one and fast enough, supported by a wall of guitar riffs lasting and extensive super riffs ,!that turn it into a marching metal.All that's about within lyrics choruse's regards sense and central idea is about some mighty clash between metal rebelions against trendy regime along with them nerds rockers but eventually metallians will win at last,if not...????[check the rest of album in your stereo equipments


Tygers Of Pan Tang

2016 Mighty Music

-Only The Brave


-Glad Rags

-The Reason Why

-Never Give In

-Do It Again

-I Got The Music In Me

-Praying For A Miracle

-Blood Red Sky

-Angel In Disguise

-The Devil You Know

FEATURE ONE: Hears dynamic full of familiar "Melodic" riffs ans solos from Micky Crystal and Rob Weir
PROGRESS OF THE BAND: "0" like a step backward in time as if time stopped and stayed identical.
RECONSTRUCTION: This time the microphone is not someone worthy anglo-saxon nor Jes Cox nor John Deverrill, but  Jack (Jiacomo) Meille from italy a latino much better than his predecessors.-
RETIREMENT USAGES : Every where is plenty of bridges and catchy melodic chorusesPRODIGAL SON: Because too much renown heard about named and overvalued John Sykes at the years 81/82 in albums like 1) Spellbound and 2) Crazy Nights, which that time was the second guitar along with Rob Weir, but today's current guitarist Mickey Crystal is worthy and much better (In older days ago Sykes was a main guitarist for this kind of Music remember Whitesnake Thinn Lizy,todays many things changes no one is irreplaceable)
FEATURE TWO: Remains  youthful creative ethousiasm ,typical five piece band having a powerful rhythm section and follows the traditional sound of NWOBHM as in 80ties days,a lot of energetic anthems,strong dual guitars playing each other seamless. This album particulary is landmark  for the band,thats why titled "TygersO.P.T."to show its gravity through the previous releases.



Loud & Proud  Records

1. Need My Ride
2. Southern Native
3. Everyman
4. Call of A Hero
5. Take Me Home
6. Whiskey Train
7. Satisfied Man
8. Ohio
9. Love This Town
10. Diablo Loves Guitar

Blackfoot means timeless anthems (since good old days of Atlantic and Atco), "Good Morning" and "Road Fever" of course not,so bands best time was somewhere in 1979 and 81 once,'Good Morning'  and 'Road Fever' tracks are in backtime closet,todays Blackfoot's outfit full strength is out ready to act.
 Today the Rick Medlocke's place has taken by Tim Rossi  who happen not to look as long hair performer but a banal restless frontman with moikan crest.As "We" live in today, we notice that band's rebuild happens without anyone from former founding members, the line up does not contain no one of the co founders members, while producer and director of the band is Medlocke.
 That's the new process regeneration for most dinosaures bands,although new band but compromising aesthetic principles and rock standards of  backtime band's outfit .Lets face it that Blackfoot continue beeing still in music industry's live-game,regards, this way cloning,
The replacement of Medlocke by Tim Rossi means much regards as he's a great performer but supposingly some character with the voice and the antics of Styven Tyler!!!,That would be  more perfect .Other topic is that,who [?] writes the compositions, who has made the songwriting,is relatively unknown. The overall attitude about new Blackfoot's form is pretty good,will be accepted definitely for sure the sound owned old School classic rock ,something like Ten Years After,or like Humble Pie,so times like Alvin Lee(and-Mountain/and Nazareth of course),or.....!!! like Black Oak Arkansas ( not quite perfectly)with some touches of southern riffs,and,the Co Founder Medlocke is right behind tent's curtain, at the backstages and makes the instigator.
Lets check songs from album --below--to see what's the album 's inside going on.
(1rst track)"I Need My Ride": as opener is some nervous beat one, fast enough (due to draw attention),a showcase full of solo guitar, an Up Tempo,full of powerful riffs,topic referrs to it's adventure feeling on motor-wheels, more specifically cycle riding to Avenue 66 following the sun.
(second 2 track)"Southern Native": pace here is a calm one,as slow moving, it's about album's title formal track,dipped within in leaden rhythm crude and steadfast,due to album's main theme , so to explain half the story of Blackfoot, early era of southern rock, at sacred places where worshiped this kind.
(4rth track) "Call Of A Hero":like a copy from Bad Company's historic tracks, heavy, very heavy, unbearable, relatively slow pace, a mid tempo,seems the macho track of entire album
(5th track) "Take Me Home" a anthem that starts slowly and then augments, is much sad,a genuine south song reminds former Blackfoot before rebirth/transription,the melody builds lead from guitars, reminds Molly Hatchet, reminds something from 38 Special,reminds Cactus.Seems new bandmates plays less bluesy and more metal/hard-rock,than previous  senescent crew.

**this album's producer would like to sound it as much as Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" and "Razamanaz" historic albums ,!!!or the thrill "No Mean City" and played close to  Nazareth's beat-but not achieved.............
**(recorded/produced at Fort Myers (FL)studio-Sea.)

"boys in the band-currently":
Tim Rossi:Guitar +Vocals
Rick Krasowski :Guitar +Vocals
Brian Carpenter:Bass
Matt Anastasi :Drums

"Hair Of  The Dog"
'Rock of Angels'- Rec/s
1. Hair of the Dog
2. Blood Red Sky
3. Streets of Rage
4. Imhotep (The High Priest)
5. Crobar
6. Emily
7. Olympus
8. A Bridge Too Far
9. Heart of Stone
10. Lionheart

Alas!! dear readers, rebelian audiences Excluded, review is only for 'chosen/one' midleaged purists  who can listen this stuff,! .......  there are aught endless branches of metal, which does not worth at all,''this one'' is close to 'true-metal-peak'......aught vintage kinds of metal, who identify themselves as truemetal, close any known patterns(through the ages).
The ''Hair Of The Dog'' is made with recipe on the patterns of 1976 to 1986 by the British New Wave metal!!!the named long-suffering NWOBH
Monument's social party, based on fans of vintage backward scene.!!  also, true is that Monument boys struggled enough to make this second album ,some compositions are by forced set and so borrowed ancient Iron Maiden's cooking recipe.
An album in the measures from patterns,on Paul Di Anno era days ago,but,... with positive restored compositions compared to these kind of "then" prototypes.
for the time being we will have a look at some tracks from  this brand new album:
(track01): "Hair Of The Dog": runaway,aggressive track that runs at high speed,sounded as been played in "fast forward" pace, the singer Peter Elis follows that fury, even it's full of melodic riffs, however  !!!in the middle of the track, sudden makes a flow syncope  and unexpected marginally changes pace, after that suddenly switch back as it was before,overall an insane fast melody
(Track02): "Blood Red Sky":abrupt,without introduction, start with massive drums and followed whole troupe,interpret and orchestration reminiscent their previous band White Wizard,it's composition regards a melody to (4) four pieces where the narrative of lyrics is in the middle,as well predominates proudly! arched! galloping! riffs.
track03): "Streets Of Rage" Imagine was compound by Paul Di Anno 30 years long ago,characteristic flamboyant outburst, full Leads and solos, while the riffs overflow and spill outside, whole drums and rhythm section are accelerated,topic refers to unbearable violence in some city-districts, spank and knives,and macho jerks who apply it, is like warning you, attention cause there spanking.
(Track04): "Imhotep (The High Priest)" a nerveless conservative copy of early Maiden,but then,a Catchy track of tough passionate new / wave / british metal / 80ties pretty aggressive song, featuring full of slow-moving doses technical and trippery solos
(Last track  10):Lionheart is the best of all__________________

(Producer : Scott Atkins__Artwork by Stan W. Decker)


"Rock The Cradle"

Frontiers rec/s

Track Listing
-Take Me High
-Rock the Cradle
-Gates of Time
-I Got This Feeling
-In My Blood
-Running From the Shadow

In our days an important album marks the sonic return and revival of  Max Norman (UK-producer)and Chris Tsangarides(UK's)expert engineer regards this particular genre of metal,a backward switching at Ozzy Osbourne's glory-days,and Randy Rhoads gold times 1980/1981-82(Mr Crowley/Diary of a Madman/Speak of the Devil/Blizzard of Oz) The original italian band was once called Crossbones,and have knocked their first album in 1989 with producer Kit Woolven. Dario returned for  recordings and band uprising "After 27 years", reunite most of line up members of the old band,namely some old acquaintances partners and brand new singer, about this vocalist, Mollo find him, not out of necessity, or because he needed to start this album and pressingly was looking for a mature voice, nor even after multiannual friendship or  as they knew each other make him proposal, but searched hard out there,to come across him ,so!!, Base of Dario Mollo's Crossbones group's containing is "singer Carl Sentance" after all others,it's about skilled tenor with versatile scale voice. O Sentance with the course of time, got  extensive experience in Classic Heavy and Traditional heavy the way of "Deep-Purple-Rainbow second hand /Iommi's-Black Sabbath second hand",this guy has served his term in bands like 1) Persian Risk, 2) Power Project, 3) ex-Geezer Butler, 4) ex-Tok-io Rose, 5) Leading Star, 6) Nazareth, 7) Paul Chapman Ghost, 8) ex-Krokus, 9) Tredegar, 10) ex-Tokyo Blade(live-onStage) This means that Crossbones microphone ,will not give experimental,even occasional,makeshift tight or drunk singing ,regards listener's ear is a performer who knows  how to give studio solfez.
Lets check some of album's tracks
01: "Red": the first track, hears solid Mid Tempo, all guys play tied and song run well, also sound's 50% per cent supported by syntheseiser to fill the gaps, however reminds "Styx", the dominant sound that hears are some huge guitars,and their riffs heard steady and strong, familiar playing as if behind these guitars were the "late" Randy Rhoads, interpretation style is theatrical Treble and the shrill voice of singer 'Carl S'. imitating Boston and their "late" frontman Brad Delp
02: "Take Me High": has very ragging rhythm section, wich accelerates more and more, is a hot explosive track reminds something from Quiet Riot hits,or Warrant's early records,or early Skidrow, this composition was written for guitars to be demonstrated guitarist's skill virtuoso, is a flaming up tempo that ejects upward, specific outburst to dancing air guitar,or open air arenas gig's headbanging, it's poem namely tells how to get emotions in higher level, orders the senses to be triggered ,spilling  adrenaline, to charge the nervous system, and escape temporary from some flattened crowd and miserable reality
03: "Navigation": has melodic chorus in regards urging for space ride,within future surroundings,this Space topic gives persuasive musical narration (like a Star Trek version) in a Mid Tempo speed at family-safe pace, a mainstream calm speed ,also guitars are heavy and unbearable ,concrete stable,the riffs are technical shapely unbearable too,rather surreal just about abstract to some space theme,makes this rhythmic atmosphere completely like in Ozzy albums at 77/79___acceptable by fine moms housewives at their rebelian children's bedrooms
04: Rock The Cradle: Makes aggressive prelude a grandioso hard 'rap / metal' sort ,seems direct copy like listening to 'Faith No More' or some 'Beastie Boys' intros, and then follows a melodically heavy chorus type of 'Ozzy / Crazy Train' ,also has rough aggressive riffs the way of 'Rage Against the Machine',it's daze track due to unpredictable false melodic songwriting ,topic brands the spotlight emotion and sensation that issues from rock stars on stage, refers the illusion that comes due to big fame that receives during playing on stage, tough feelings during performances and how is geting enraged on stage,menacing that will be even more crazy, and will knock down everything,yelling screaming etc etc
(05): Gates Of Time: you would thought that composer is Danny Stag(Kingdome's Come)if you don't know about Mollo's song writing .This ballad transcript the previous Blue Murder (John Sykes / Tony Franklin / Carmine Appice)long ago, or  Kingdome Come's replica ballad with perfect theatrical act, at first run playing slowly and erotic gently then grows harder and bursts to riffs and solos where Mollo show off his guitar skills ,as Sentance personate Lenny Wolf,accompanied by other members choral -b'vocals , perhaps the most FMradio track from this album .
"Lower The Bar" Open-E
Goin' in the Backdoor
Anything Goes
Poontang Boomerang
That's When You Came In
Wrong Side of the Tracks (Out in Beverly Hills)
Now the Fun Starts
Pussy Ain't Free
Wasted Too Much Time
I Got What You Want
Walk of Shame
She's Tight
(STEEL PANTHER have three full-length albums, toured across the world, enjoy platinum-level YouTube status and have, to their name, high-profile television appearances such as "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", "Larry King Now" and "FOX NFL Sunday".) ..................................................<<<<>>>>>................................................................

#The Reason:After the passage of long time rock industry market was in a lack of Van Halen music sort and Quiet Riot sort was missing,also David Lee Roth's band kind of sound, and Ciderella, and Poison, so Los Angeles industry's godfathers were pick out  Steel Panther's singularity  as a substitute to satisfy the nostalgia fans  and the expecting metal groovy sound that brings and fills fans to stadiums stage.This one hear's some classic hair metal stuff,having sexist innuendo lyrics or sexually implied,but in fact shamefully lyrics, most of times vulgar other times bold,while also many times expressed successfully right!!
  #The Boss:Great musicality comes due to composer of "S.P", and main songwriter and lyricist Michael Starr (Aka: Ralph Saenz), regards him and his experiences from professional bands for example after being as a member of 'LA Guns' once. That's how he take care to make tracks that take after like those of  Van Hallen's at their majestic era from Diver Down 1982, 1984album to 5150 album at 1986("jump"/"hot for teacher"/"hang'em high"/"why can't this be love")
Mysic-Industry-Empire:As first band that was created to replace gap's space due to Van Halen's lack was Bullet Boys with Marq Torien as singer and frontman to play David Lee Roth role character, producer was the same as Van Halen's guy ,the named Ted Templeman That has been done since 1989 until 1993 that era studio godfathers in music industry were guys like Ted Templeman Donn Landee,Jack Douglas,or Butler Avenue studios
  To see,whats going in this album gonna pick some from first tracks to analyze a little:

(Track 01) "Goin'in The Backdoor": Absolutely rhythmic, did not come randomly as a first track stands out the primary role of Satchel's guitar play skills with technical riffs excellent solos all this gives a catchy potential rhythm , relatively strong melody relatively accepted from anyone even unrelated , Michael Star is the absolute performer in expressivity gets 10 as perfect interpreter be it lyrics are humorous and parody  , ... keeps whole track in its serious style.The story is about rather than nature sex, means perversion of sodomy,if you come to some lady and she does not give her pussy, to take her anal ,hah!Very academic verses
(Track 02) "Anything Goes":it's a potencial beat in up-tempo pace and guitar's impressive intro gonna 'turns-you-on' seems 100% van-halen transcription specialy historical David Lee Roth's  sreams, melodic and pleasure, based on a guitar pattern_,while dirty lyrical is about,someone,that doesn't have sexual choices in regards his position or the sexual intercourse at any point of body,his purpose is to jerk off wherever,whatever phfff!!!
(Track 03) "Poontang Boomerang": Relatively fast the pace is heavy, not fast,is something that reminds David Lee Roth's of "Just Like Paradise" or "Bottom Line" hits, Steve Vai guitar is Satchel and Gregg Bissonette Lexxi Foxx, Lee Roth is starring by Michael Star.Lyrics are about some girl wich was persistence to get fack again and again from him but narrator wanted her for "one night stand"and no more
(Track 05) "Wrong Side of the Tracks (Out in Beverly Hills)" : Is a smart track ,cunning about the main topic,funny up to the laugh about elit neighbors Los Angeles Beverly local residents  who are spoiled stars and people of the spectacle, while outside at the sidewalk flesh market, like prostitution and transexuals at night,and the narrator gets against all. A very complex hard-pop composition like "Knack"(my sharona) or "B'52s" in metal cover, violent motif, more than speed glam metal,However its not a porn song like the others!!!!!!!!!!and the Cheap Tricks cover (track 11-last one)"Shes Tight" very well adjusted,better than the original.........yeah!!

_________________-Chart album 2017
UK Albums (OCC)[12]--"26"
US Billboard 200[13]--"40"
US Top Comedy Albums (Billboard)[14]--"1"
Australian Albums (ARIA)[2]--"10"



--from 1984--

"Rabies in Town"
Mausoleum records 1984
-VINYL-12" vinyl (33,1/3 RPM)

 Its  not a NWOBHM stuff,no.Its a burning spontaneous hard rock album  in those days guys who made it didn't had patterns or formulas to step on them and copy style ,air or other ideas ,they just borrowed a few elements from Dio and Judas Priest ,contains authenticity and enthusiasm Is  a <<tight, heavy>> but not for people under 40 years old.

Recorded January/April 1984, in Hank's Basement Lodge, Cologne, W. Germany.

-----will  find it only as <<second hand>> somewhere out------

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"J U N K   D E A L E R"

Home Entertainment

Something that was out somewhere in 1989,much earlier before internet appears popular in Greece.
Is a kind of Visual Media through the medium of video tape (!then was not existed U-Tube)
*Featured an Interview with Rob Halford (much younger) inside his residence somewhere in Los Angeles,& ,an offhand interview with Ozzy (youger those circa) while he's smoking cigarette sitting in a couch at some studio reception room,&,a and a handy injterview sort appearance with Tony Iommi inside his american residence (at the era he was having strong  affair with Lita Ford and were some rumours that is going to marry her)_________i bought this tape as secondhand in a flea market for 2 euros,[ it works perfect]

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#AltMetal   #Alternativerock   #Ambient  #avantgardemetal   #blackmetal  # brutaldeathmetal #Darkmetal  #sludgemetal  #thrashmetal  #vikingmetal  #othergenres,  #Deathcore  #deathmetal #doommetal , #electronicexperimental , #extreme metal, #folkmetal #gothicmetal ,#technicaldeathmetal , #thrashmetal ,  #bluesrock ,   #boogierock, #noaltmetal) , #blackmetal , #deathmetal #doommetal , Groove Metal Heavy Metal (no-Post-Metal) #powermetal,  #progressivemetal ,  #sludgemetal , #melodicdeath  , #vikings #warfarebattles , #mythologyseatravel , #HellsAngels, #streettroops ,   #Highridermotorcycles

Blue Oyster Cult , Boston , Cheap Trick , Cactus , Elves,Rods,Rainbow,Deep Purple, , Led Zeppelin , Cream , Ted Nugent , Gillan (band) , Foghat , Foreigner , Lita Ford , Samson , Saxon , Whitesnake ,  Joan Jet , Hanoi Rocks , Toto , Styx , Kansas , Rory Galagher , Garry Moore , Hawkwind , Motorhead , Lynyrd Skynyrd , Molly Hatchet , Alman Brothers , Golden Earing , Kiss , Asia , Eagles , Sammy Hagar , Aerosmith , Grand Funk , Queen , Ten Years After , Van Halen , Yesterday & Today , Alex Harvey , Rocky Errickson , Steppenwolf , Mott the Hoople , Rose Tattoo , AC/DC , Free, Bad Company,Creedance Clearwater Revival , Slade , Reo Speedwagon , Ozzy Osbourne , Black Sabbath , Scorpions , City , Nina Hagen , Supertramp,  Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General, Pentagram ,Saint Vitus ,Trouble ,Candlemass,Count Raven ,Sir Lord Baltimore ,Buffalo ,Bang ,Necromandus ,Lucifer's Friend ,Jacula ,Iron Claw ,Leaf Hound ,Solitude Aeturnus,Exhorder,The Obsessed,
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STORMWITCH :"Bound to the Witch",Massacre records 2018

Songs of Steel     
Odin's Ravens     
The Choir of the Dead
Bound to the Witch   
Life Is Not a Dream
King George
Ancient Times
The Ghost of Mansfield Park
Stronger Than Heaven (Rerecorded-Bonus Track)
Rats In The Attic (Rerecorded-Bonus Track)
Priest Of Evil (Rerecorded-Bonus Track)
Their sound chronologically would have been in a great success in previous decades, it's similar to Praying Mantis, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Lucifers Friend. and other similars,in the 80's the band was covered overlaped by the impetuous publicity of the Seattle grunge movement
the band deliberately builds its own retro sound, not by accident
The tracks are aggressive but pretty worked, not some rough studio jamming compose songs,or under force to pretent violently   screams  or  gutter voice.Even if you have not heard anything from their old stuff will accept it regards their stable playing while keep listen as run the following in pleasant.
"Sons Of Steel": is the intro, a strong prelude this renovated track,as would be in their early albums has the (blackmores) Rainbow and Saxon cult, is an approachable track not the metallica way or Manowar's buzz,but some rhythmical in mid tempo beat, under the formula which propose English NWOBHM ,straight riffs and horny melodic vocals by the veteran singer and composer Andy Adrian.
"Odins Raven" : least rough but melodicaly dynamic,lean on guitars but does not depend from them, riffs made of is simple , runs on a agreeable pace,  Andy Andrian's interpretation pretty and stable  as subject describes that after some global disaster something like doomsday, means some armed troopers like crows find opportunity to steal the casualties people
"The Choir of the Dead":  the basic stodgy beat feeds rhythm section a ready pace in mid tempo, is accessible due to melody which followed by the beat, reminds "early Tygers of Pan Tang", guitars feel out the gaps without synth, made up of choruses which following one another and repeated ,reagards lyrics refers about some conspiratorial caste, some one invisible enemy troop where join up in secret,making sabotage against humanity.
"Bound To The Witch"  Melodic but alongside dynamic playing, hears enough backward,composed with its own retro air on purpose to highlighting that era , guitars runs calm alonside fill beat technical gaps reminds Malmsteen, reminds Grimson Glory but also Blind Guardian,throat and basis are the repated over and over of same choruses,riffs are sensible,and gently leads  rhythm section liked calm
 Metal Blade 2018

I've Got the Fire
You're Not Alone
Somebody's Gotta Do It     
Still Around     
Breaking the Silence     
Waging War     
One More Time     
Heart of Stone     
Wild Wind     
No Time to Wonder

Nothing in the whole  album, compositions are  complicated or stiff, that is unfortunately happening at many progressive bands, nothing hears as a puzzler everything comes like in some wide open party air, as expected lyrics are abstract, but final sense is about disorderly and  sexicles immoral touches and on the loose states, a lot of glam metal's unwritten laws , like night places, dirty chics
Most critics fellows of the metallic genre, gonna accuse for airiness and all those who do not bear this tradition of hair metal,(because) you admit hair metal genre or not (that's the law) , also  will accuse it of being filled with too much enjoyable tunes.
Truth thing is that, recording load overstuffed of catchy hooks,and at this release songs are more melodic than in previous releases,while besides the murderous riffs have been removed
about spotlight: (track _01) : 'I've Got the Fire: "The two guitarists create powerful riffs that cover up all the rest  ,potential rhythms ,in regards lyrics has an  abstract definition and erotic motif, it's appeal to something like mistress, all these  made a defusing uplifting air but written  in surreal poetry,aren't no meanings in particularly sense, about fires and most of other stir up words create this tough  outburst!
about: (track -4):"Ecstasy :"Another glittering composition with strapping guitars  even like a Guns & Roses intro,stuffed with a jubilant melody,all second hand prescriptions from forgotten "Sweet" !, and "Slade"! and some "Mud"!,also subject matter is synonym to a (criminal)dope,perhaps by accident or deliberately,but...it's a unique track which will be highlight of the whole album,
anoyher  strong (track -08): "Breaking The Silence":It reminds pretty good "Sisters Of Mercy" and "Type O Negative", making overly melodic beat ,departing from metal to Pop,like gothic epic (hah!!) ,also,rests enough at it's own choruses to become threatening,the subject talks about some kind of metal troopers parade who were marching against the status-quo system to tear it down.
check out (track 03):"Somebody's Gotta Do It"  : it's not just rhythmic,has overmuch strong beat,guitars not just follow ,instead urging,created a boom of rhythm and riffs,after choruses comes some super guitar solos, to make up the cerebral stroke
sweet and  honey(track 11): "Heart Of Stone":the blouse of this case,a strong ballad, much noisy,alongside all guitars crying with long solos,make it even more mournful,for FM radio waves use .

#johannesbraun, #andebraun,#metalblade ,#germanmetal,#glammetal
Iron Maiden (headliners),Rockwave Festival, 20/07/18, TerraVibe Park

If the Rockwave Festival (greek outdoor open air-malakasa) become a multi genres of metal like was once Reading Festival in the early 1980s, and then that this appearance here of Maiden once again in Athens Greece was good like proportional headline gigs in Europe, the band made a show like these long time ago, from their early days 20 years ago,and imagine that they are all middle-aged guys today specialy Bruce Dickinson.
At two oclock in noon under the heat of 36 degrees celsium, "Rollin 'Dice" had begun their set and there was already people move under the arena, respecting the proportions. The brave ones in front of the small scene, of course, were not many. As was expected ,public's majority  preferred to avoid the strong sun and long standing for small fame acts. Was a backward bluesy rock sound not rough,perfect musicians nice performers that day on  stage,making stable riffs, too mutch groove, a bit of the cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", the time passed a little something more than pleasantly  under these circumstances, however,(this sort of rock is mainly for elder ages like bikers or gangs squads)  gained impressions  gave their audience what was expected.
By following the program faithfully "W.E.B."  after some delay took up their poses and the eastern third scene,were, was covered in red smoke.Well the first name of the day Rollin Dice had a bit of luck on its part, even theoretically, because of the sort of their rock,at 'w.e.b' things were mutch different,by playing extreme symphonic metal this quartet was not easy to have arena's support on the stage-board,mutch rather in summer noon were bands members chastened in regards pre-recorded, the corpsepaint and the heat temperature, the band tried it as far as possible, while the leading roles being shared between  frontman and the bassist girl who complemented main vocals. Eventually,several nets moved banging, the first earth dust clouds of the day rose, but most from audience preferred to look  after for some shade.
The other half truth is that Monument is an extremely tied band and they were pretty cool in their set, to put us in a climate of a strong metal festival, making good sound, this was third appearance in our country after 2015 and 2016. They were playing old Iron Maiden, sort but with a special way ,audiences would embrace the "Hair Of The Dog" and "Hellhound" album to check, this quintet made a tough show, as was promised by  same descent greek origin, Peter Ellis,next time will make more high show.
The last time I saw Iron Maiden in our country (and indeed in Malakasa) I left fest camp somewhat disheartened. Not because Maiden did not play well - that's impossible  but because I felt that the time limit had begun to show it's aging marks over the band, and also felt that older great performances I had linked to them were probably lock-packed in memories. And that, after seven years later, and over twenty years from the first time I was saw them decades long ago,the current Maiden tonight performed mutch better than then.
Before  continue describing about happens during Maiden's set, gonna comment something that come mutch important and which fortunately did not made deadly problems to audience. I'm not an expert to judge and count, but for sure at all certain that the Terra Vibe concert venue is not suitable to accommodate 36,000 people, as Bruce Dickinson annotate after. As things went till today it fits them, but under what conditions and consequences? was a canning of all these fans,this fucking field has capacity for 10.000 ten thousand, maximum 15 000.
And to don't comment on that we could manage to got back to our places at 3:00 in the morning after incredible inconvenience. I'm referring to that fact if you chose to see Maidens moves from a relatively close distance from the scene (like us) it was problem matter.So to convey this experience we have suffered with some pals we were watching to concert's events, we sat next to the sound engineer's tower in front of the intermediate iron separator that was placed from the organisators. Onwards from some point (and after classic songs that became wild enthusiasm) it was impossible for anyone just to move here or there, how much more if he wanted to leave from there,also were people who reaching the limits of fainting,some were pushed to the divider ready to chocked and generally reaching people to a marginal level, even with difficulty not being able to leave.Well <<vivere pericolosamente>> I don't want to think about the consequences if something wrong would had happened ...
Red head idiots should gave that kind of answer  "what did you expect in a Maiden concert?" Or "why did go so far ahead," but i am still have opposite view of both answers, having seen Maiden a lot of times in Germany and France and having attended in festivals with a multiple audiences many - many times.
Back "on stage act" to the event , so!! after 45-minute delay due to the announced program the "excellencies" appeared in front of us, wasn't a simple commercial  stage appearance but an organized theatrical overproduction,where many many sceneries changed after each song, in fact was audio-visual show depending on the subject of each song.
About the setlist who was cared for by a large number of behind-the-scenes Maiden's roadies and the cool sound quality due to were more than two roadies engineers, the question is who is paying for these people all this backstage staff  
Also band's members performance of McBrain / Smith / Murray / Gers / Harris  was a bit more than good, and was a matter of wondering what management's doctors at the backstage give them to play tirelessly like been twenty-year-old
Of course the protagonist could not have been much perfect, Bruce Dickinson was non stop active in motionless as well depending on the song's theme changed suits and dresses (when this was foretelling by some script) throughout his performance was nervous and electrified ,as if not tiring.Start songs that went out were dull classics like "Aces High" ,"Where Eagles Dare", "Two Minutes Midnight" as was expected that was reason to turn on enthusiasm and even fired smoky torches by some hooliganheads (i'll wait to see when will it become some Maiden's concert with new songs of some album they just have were released  and not these million times played).
At  "Trooper" we also had a theatrical event, where someone from the backstage crew came out dressed like band's mascot ,"(monster) Eddie", dressed like British soldier where Dickinson fenced with him and simultaneously pulled out and winnow a Greek flag.(trifle), Queerly played also two (2) not mutch mush the "For the Greater Good Of God" and "Wicker Man"we have saved from trifles and  overhit idiocy.
A good performance and not boring was "Fear Of The Dark" song almost near the end,there Dickinson wore an appropriate suit and performed in excellence theatrical style.After played some other well-known songs, they closed the set and they were left stage for five minutes after came back regards the encore set, where played about three or four more songs, as 'The Evil That Men Do' and overused 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' and some more,and then  left stage and  sweaty crowd. However,if it was a contemporary one concert they should have played tracks like "Satellite 15 ... The Final Frontier" or should played "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg", most of their list was too mutch used old songs.
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ROSS THE BOSS : "By Blood Sworn" , AFM 2018

By Blood Sworn     
Among the Bones     
This Is Vengeance     
We Are the Night     
Faith of the Fallen     
Devil's Day           
Play Among the Godz     
Circle of Damnation     
Fistful of Hate     
(bonus)The Oath-cover
(bonus)Each Down I Die-cover
(bonus)Hail and Kill-cover

A warlike album in  medieval era , blood-borne bloodthirsty  ,full of war violence aspects  and aggressive action_is a revival of Manowar air, a renewal in regards the album "Hail to England" atmosphere and "Sign Of The Hammer" about this period and not after.Ross as guitarist when shreding he makes it much more intense and violent than he was allowed to done then ,at the insolent season , when was a member at the early manowar ,now he does at his own band _at the vocals Marc Lopes as the merciless singer while in essence is some copy  of his prototype the Eric Adams ,more hysterical _too much theatricalized , an excessive due to has to raised the tones and the feeling of violence  bloodshed  and boldness more than eric adams ...all these achievements in times before gunpowder invented.
This is an album with Manowar specifications and because the manowar were based on De Majo's bass, the bass is handled by Mike Le Pond who plays heavy, merciless bass, as he shakes your brains upside-down.
(track-04) "We Are the Night" :severe nervous, of a peculiar type rhythm ,many unpredictable basslines points is lowest melodic ,however the bass and the rhythm section lead the rest, as lyrics said, that exalting in regards omnipotence of the metal troopers who dominate the of night crime world ,airs and graces of Marc Lopes makes it even more cinematic even more monstrous.
(track-07) "Lilith" : first makes a grand threatening introduction the bass distinguishes created an atmosphere of threatening ..making a slow dark motive to highlight the goth meaning of lyrics, of course is talking about this known female mythological figure from babylonian mythology  meanwhile  guitar leave solid riffs, tempo run slow but the style goes angry, Lopes makes it convincingly howling ,after half track comes a faster tempo change, it increases speed and rises mid tempo to covered from Ross's solos ,after slipped back to slow  down , a very close to Danzig  sort  the common perception  regards ""broadway "Epic" does not accept it.
(track-02) "Among The Bones" : footing of  pleasant rhythm  track compose's groundwork are the bass and drums where on them ,based the choruses, a mid tempo covered of Ross solid riffs  and  long solos, where choruses explained rest of the story,  sacredness of bones made a topic, regardless bones means given battles and lives that have been lost , subject is a little macabre also in the bones of the killed made the swearings of  rescued for afterwards revenge.
(track-08) " Play Among The Godz":  a cult opening with distorted acting , composition is unpredictable goes supercharge,starts with an epileptic voice. Is a sharp up tempo rhythm with high speed riffs, and furious solos,choruses are jarring and long-lasting, subject is the anthem for battalion attackers, drums running frenzy do not stuck on without brakes.

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JUDAS PRIEST : "Firepower"

Sony/Epic 2018

1 Firepower
2 Lightning Strike
3 Evil Never Dies
4 Never The Heroes
5 Necromancer
6 Children of the Sun
7 Guardians
8 Rising From Ruins
9 Flame Thrower
10 Spectre
11 Traitors Gate
12 No Surrender
13 Lone Wolf
14 Sea of Red

Cover art sucks its too much abstract, better were old covers from Mark Wilkinson like  the one from painkiller, these were more realistic closer to cominks.
The first << firepower track>> is nothing but the showcase, it's the best and more  fancy, glossy, and polished the band with two co-producers could make,  it's a firework to magnetize Judasland's loyal folowers, perfect riffs, a  renovated composition
Judas Priest as a renowned band  makes sure that their albums that make it ,to have some consistency to be somehow concept topic or to based on a central idea ,!so here in spite of  that its title is violent and bloodthirsty all meanings  and signs are parabolic and commuted as anti-war messages but not conclusive and directly ,  but leaves the listener to draw conclusions about the war who's  raging in the Middle East ,but, incase that someone listener is stupid and thinks he's listening to a battle and blood album similar to Marduk adjusted to black metal philosophy , he  deserves stupidity prize from music industrie's  services.
 The main feature of Priest hapens to be Halford, due to the old age can some tone of his voice have fallen, and another rumour is that <<if has lost a lot of his magic vocal skills he was possessed once???>>.         Sapose that  yes ,that he fall some notes , but never the Priest audiences and fans will not complain that Halford has become obsolete .....!! that's what rocking magazines do, or jurnalists states that he's no longer deserves to sing as first microphone on Priest and has to be replaced by their management (heh!)
Well, as in principle even and now, Halford's voice is still expressive and proper to hold the rest of the band, may has lost some tones in the octaves but is still a great stentor and  iron baritone that 'takes off' all  new songs.
How revolutionary can be sounds,that, Judas Priest in todays era made their musical idiom? ,can be possible the "Firepower" stuff to be dynamic and subversive while were Priest albums "encoded heavy" almost 40 years ago. It is definitely impossible being such exciting and quite furious nowadays, but there are ,however,a so much nflation of similar and familiar bands today that can't be possible to play so much influential and communicative for audiences crowds,unfortunately,but this big number of bands who playing hybrid Judas Priest's  versions or to copy their own Priest sort from Painkiller age. Today these former pioneers were created generations of students who copied and overcame them.
<<Avoidance Of Thrash Tempos>>:The up tempo speed of the first title track -[firepower]- is nothing-ealse but an indication that they can impressed all ages ears, as it seems they don't overdo it after or to repeat that furious during throughout the album ,in regards to show at their learners through the world that they can be much modern and competitive.    Most of the firepower  material has logical and acceptable tempos and paces ,as much as they do not escape and become exaggerated and rudel ,using such special cruel tempos that they do not enter after black metal border and the hub of extreme metal.     What do they do ?  but it's obvious they step down it , and they get close enough from draws of hardcore and mayhem, making  sure that the sound  to be rewarded to the audience, adding a large percentage of groove ,tracks are made from wild scale hooks and some ranges of calm hooks there are much of Fats and comfortable lengthy twists,and of course the two guitarists continue to produce trade-off solos that's what going to excite even the most unrelated and the most irrelevant even though they are bouzooki dance-oriental-greek folowers
<<Power Metal's Sort out of Controlled Wrath>> (the  track-02): "Lightning Strike" It's composed for  riffs that  nailed to mind, two guitar made the storm furious but catchy, an Up Tempo holocaust hears very close to  <<Painkiller>> past album ,the vibes are stretched tight, topic and idea it's about the vertigo that an ecstatic gets  listening metal songs, and how it's fuzzy psychologically, as nervous disorder rules regards it makes the particular  sound  to drives you with it,while are watching you demon guards which serve the metal kind  and strengthen  flames to the fire of art, while song goes by.
The "Rock Opera", first the"Guardians" (07 track) and after comes "Rising From Ruins" (08 track), is a unique one piece track,it's explosive melodic and power,covered with a lyrical background ,as a matter of fact it is also a copy of the original Oldie <<Electric Eye>> of 1982 from 'Screaming For Vengeance',where we meet track "Helion" as the intro followed by the main one"Electric Eye",exactly the same hapens today like the impressive introduction of "Guardians" and then the dark "Rising from Ruins",coefficients composers of this chaotic hymn , are violence, disappointment, and epic,however has it's dark direction,and still basics are catchy and smartly combined guitars along with Halford's horny hippie opera vocals (high pitched yelling)
(track-11) "Traitors Gate": American commercial typical <<rhythm Power metal>> full of elements similar to(Kiss-Toto-Wasp-Styx- Queensryche-Savatage) but it convincing, his features are  potential hooks,under strong riffs ,<<killer riffs>> provided energy to overwhelms listener, lyrics inspired by historical wartime fact,the conquerors have broken the ring of the siege ,getting on through this small gate,or another story about some fantastic gate from where tyrans escape from castles through a secret tunel..., the melodic leads reminiscent of Rainbow,and melodic solos remind some Motorhead,the secret weapon: that using two guitars,where despite the distortion this 70ties quitar sounds clearly, doesn't drown, bell catchy guitar like Cream 50 years ago next to hughe drums.

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 "Knights Call" Steamhammer – SPV 2018


Its true that here it has too much cliche, but thats the kind "cliche teutonic metal", take it or leave it.
As a band AxRuPe will be blamed for lack of inspiration, due to easy concepts regards compositions and that in metal industry follows recipes and formulas standardized, especialy Axel will be accused by collumnists first as  typical and  market estimator who always raises with the reward (that why sounds, boring),cause of  that every two years makes a corporate album ,as he follows the ready-made recipes stolen from godfather guitarists like Tony Iommi and Richie Blackmore creating his songwriting  from Tony Martin Sabbath senssion and Dio "heaven & hell"  Sabbath circa, while biggest indictment  is that rebuilding his own tracks from  Rainbow's Stargazer  identical just changing titles.
Due to all these, according to these accuses, Axel had to make his own album indefinitely and unpredictably no longer longer than 2 years, still ,(accused) not to have a stable genre of expression but to playing as a teenage college band sometimes Punk othertimes some power metal and sometimes afew progressive ballads for the chics not to follow a stable mark , and would be honest if played something abstract like Nirvana, or something more funk like Fozzy for better like Faith No More, or like Beastie Boys and must having verse realistic and politicized all these about knights and swords are fascistic culture, fostering racism and violence,that says A.R.P,s accusators in their reviews, that his album is  a conservative halloween, a shame for progressive artists, is against sinister art and makes music to go backward to the dark era of after-vietnam bands and narcotic culture.
Since mid-2000 Ax.Ru.Pe. was an old-fashioned traditional figure,then was making  potential way their songs performing .Since then they have been stepped on, to petrified steps, that left Deep Purple and Scorpions  while adding some tougher tone to them.
Now and then sounded the  spesific Eighties 80ties brand genre Purple/Def Lepard/ Ozzy,early Malmsteen (trilogy / risingforce), due to ex-drummer Mike Terrana who  was a fast potent drummer, has an ability to drift all other instruments in his own pace,always in rage , was pare to punk outfit , also vocals from former singers Charlie Huhn  later Rob Rock were too American much mid-pitched a very halford 'expression early albums like Wild Obsession Nasty Reputation / Eternal Prisoner
In regards current drummer Bobby Rodinelli is ideal percasionist for old classic ,at mid tempo power metal using single case drums ,playing  strong, rhythmic , accompanies rest of the instruments,  doesn't prompted pace to be excite rhythm section for drift or precede the tempo so fills the sound better  leaving guitar's lead and solos to be heard more clearly,and more space to be voiced lyrics.
(track-02) "The Wild and The Young :  prelud intro pulls out guitar in a persistent  prolonged riff,while grandiose melodic rhythm prevails,above the chorus all pattern changes and then resume, circumstance similar to Scorpions hits ,rather sorrowful song, but rouses.
Johnny Gioelli is  a second  class singer he hasn't some shocking voice in high octaves,but performs like an outstanding actor in an AOR metal band a top interpretator to render lyrics and coloured them in red verses and meanings.
(track-03)"Wildest Dreams": is adjusted in a Ronnie James Dio pedestal thanks to Gioelli shout,it's topic has like as internal conversation something poetic for upcoming future  wich contradicted later ,a melody that makes  tension,cymbal beats next to huge riffs,rhythm switches back to turn on senses.
(track-5) "The Crusaders of Doom" : Is a song somewhat depressing  it's motif reminds like a bunch of guys wearing hoods are walking slowly for secret gathering,also the atmosphere is a little dark ,close to Ballad kind, majestic as mooves in Mid Tempo all speeds are down, an epic track as this was defined by  'Rhapsody', 'Manowar', 'Savatage'  , it's melodicity rests on a sound wall made by the syntheseiser of Ferdy Dornberg he did it in this way, to be stand in for  choir.
The vocals and the interpretation of Gianni Gioelli is the lever that goes it even taller ,man's singing narratie match to hollywood spielberg . The guitar melodic solos is a reminiscent of Sabbath the  circa Tony Martin, his subject matter is medieval expedition, with it's slow beat performance has mixed something from archaeological and ancient in film about sword and riding ...

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MANILLA ROAD-Up The Hammers - "Gagarin 205" (Live Stage), 25/05/18

The first day at this indoor festival at the Gagarin 205 Ball Room, were played bands like Northwind, Doomsword and the legedary "Manilla Road",Our mission was to check out specifically at them.
 This appearance of  Manilla Road show had been decided beforehand as historicall  for two reasons. First, we would see for first time live on stage in our country the original founder drummer, Rick Fisher, alongside the current Neudi, and second, these americans artists would return after many years ago, under  best possible conditions to the main scene of Gagarin, 16 years after their first appearance on Athenian territory. At the same time, bands honesty that consistently Shleton's company has  shown at local fans,that, has left no blame for second thoughts about best score form in this performance.
Band got started ,the three continuously songs "Necropolis", "Crystal Logic" and "Flaming Metal Systems" wake up us as slap, by sending us to the heavens, then i  saw  Neudi took place of Fisher, was thought "if going to play" famous  track Quadrology, "it will be as big lightning", but because when you play a lot of well-known ones become undue after lengthy time,(Manilla, of course, also played much of unknown at the extended encore),  after tons fell when Fisher returned to play a great hit  "Defender" and then  epic songs 1)"Metal" and  2)"Empire"
 the time it was supposed to Neudi returned for the ever-beloved well known "Road Of Kings" and well known too "Divine Victim" to sing along to "theNinth Wave" and the grandioso most expected the "In The Wake",that's a single too from the latest album -To Kill A King-, without the long long medley Shelton was joking that would play all version.in the meantime Fisher got back to his drums positon Then follow from the previous long forgotten albums of -"Mark Of the Beast"- first run in live stage the track "Black Lotus" and then the "Riddle Master" (this was bands choise and not poll from the audiences) in a strong working out, which turn on the ball room to the ground.Then going to the end-up ,  as,  was expected that Neudi will take over two huge tracks bombs "Open The Gates" and  Μystification, and more unexpected that Fisher would run the final tracks of gig a)"Τhe Veils Of Negative Existence" and b) "Dreams Of Eschaton".   
The sound was generally pretty good,especially at the left scene side,where the basslines did not "cover" rhythm section/guitars, performings played pretty good too,not all songs but most were in right work out, people feedback was rise up, specialy the half of arena's croud space,got crazy much time, the bad was the late night of the time, doors open to exit people at 1+50 ten to two in the morning..have as effect people to dilute without breaking too much_i haven't mention that Manilla Road was something like headliners in the first day of this festival, also halls and ballrooms in Athens Greece are extremly hot at May, its almost summer,so the hire for the room is in low budget this season,otherways in winter would ask three times more fee for a festival like that.

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 Silver Living music 2018
1.  Olympus Rising
2.  Thunderbolt
3.  The Secret of Flight
4.  Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)
5.  They Played Rock and Roll
6.  Predator
7.  Sons of Odin
8.  Sniper     03:36
9.  A Wizard's Tale
10.  Speed Merchants
11.  Roadies' Song
12.  Nosferatu (Raw Version)
      << running time=47:38 >>

 The known mark of Saxon is another one comes out an acquaintance  traditional old school power metal  with the peculiar  voice of Biff Byford. Appearing their twenty two album as it  applying to the second Generation Saxon's fanatics ,for example the first generation enthusiasts was that actioned in the years of  "Wheels of Steel" and "Strong Arm Of the Law"  circa and few  years later.   Tempo commanding from drummer Nigel Clockler  using single case drums,_making potential solid beat combining  with bass touch  mark out guitars wich giving a solid vintage power  and great songs.
(track 1+2)"Thunderbold" :  first song 'Olympus Rising' and second song 'Thunderbold ' are a unique track just Olympus Rising is the intro  based on a guitar effect and is referenced about "Greek Mythology's TwelveGods " and other ancient greek incidents. as second track is dynamic whose synthesis is based on guitars, blended by dynamic riffs and  solid rhythm section that guides the two guitars ,also in choruses be found  the main track's idea in the sentence " Unleash The Gods Of War!!!" means get ready for trouble,or,lets fight them, in regards those wargods mentioned about ,... these are god 'Mars' and chief god 'Jupiter' (Zeus), is a macho track,a male impressive song to mark out the album from start, with epic subject and concept, not an easy and melodic sex and  drugs stuff ,but much more theatrical rage and cominc aggressive containing "nonstop up rising riffs" to turn on angry  metalheads
(track_03)"The Secret of flight": as intro made a powerful guitar solo in long duration ,after comes as simple catchy melody regards main song at the same time followed by a ripping riff ,also all choruses are melodic too, moves in a  'mid tempo' beat, Biff recites his verses at saxon way. The topic tells about the desire wich stored in the human cell gene,due to human wishes to travel over the ground high up to the sky, and space, and stars, to escape from the woes of terrestrial problems, and gives historical evolutionary course
(Track-4) "Nosferatu" (The Vampires Walz) : a melodic cinematic song in easy rhythm, a mid tempo pace and scretching catchy easy way guitars.An first has an intro with church hammonds a simple solid rhythm section,while drums follows the story,basic  topic is the vampire character of a bald ugly guy dressed in black who sucks his vidtims blood fron the neck (walks around ever at midnight,in regards choruses says "...take the vow before the alter"...."trust in god to stop the slaughter","...bring the cross and holy water","...pray to god to end the slaughter",... at last-before end- the story accompanied by a long-long 'solo wet with tears guitar.  
(track 10)"Speed Merchants" guitars are sharp and fury ,regards composition is written in frenzy,track gives strong effect for rousing-! rise adrenaline too,-rhythm section spins,it's a street races song, about special cars and midnight drivers contraries,riffs burning from fuel,wheels spining Biff keeps fast tempo yelling about some race

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ANVIL : "Pounding The Pavement",  (Steamhammer 2018)

1. Bitch in the Box
2. Ego
3. Doing What I Want
4. Smash Your Face
5. Pounding the Pavement
6. Rock That Shit
7. Let It Go
8. Nanook of the North
9. Black Smoke
10. World of Tomorrow
11. Warming Up
12. Don't Tell Me

Sounds somewhere between doom metal / speed metal and far away from thrash
Also as Lips is a falsely singer but his storming interpretation makes Anvils fascination,the guy sings like giving commands with the portable loudspeaker to a street demonstration
guitar riffs are solid and long-lasting, making a string sonic wall
From 1982 until today this band was always an active one but never achieved to climb up the charts to become legendary one and famous, while much newer bands of them managed to become legends and music industry stars such as Megadeth, and Anthrax amd Exciter, or the biggest like Metallica, or Testament, due to they deserve and entitled for that, but they don't convince much more people audiences to choose up them, pity.
Band's staff trying to make some bum and lout way to the issues about they pose ,also by putting as title the word "pavement",are going to presented decline stories , little means underworldly, a bit coarse and vile, but basically regardless tracks topics are patchy (varied matter) but crucial,has not unique direction,they just fly here and there,in regards musicianship trying the playing style similar to Rose Tatoo /or Motorhead /may be ACDC, also included all their own way and kind of guitar riffs and leads from their previous career discography.----
(track-1)"Bitch In A Box" : this track expressed Lips disagreable against "computer race" as reason take cars GPSes,also,!magnificent riffs/basslines reminds early Yesterday & Today and Rods (Feinstein)all guitars in high pitch the way of bungle and horny sound also the cuts are steep and decisive cause everything sustained in a rhythmic melody , lyrics are simple and straight without poetry or allusions (verbal hints).
(track-2)"Ego":something facsimile to Motorhead as the bass lines sovereign all the rest drams and guitar wich follow this as frenzied pace an up-tempo way,the subject i political songspeaks for those who hold a public privilege or are in power___they put themselves above the crowd from where they voted, speak with arrogance, move arrogantly
(track-3)"Doing What I Want":something as ship's signal when it leaves the harbor dock,!!a hefty rhythm , bass and the guitar harmonize and produce without melody something abrupt that cuts, and then again repeats continuously ,a potential rhythm that gives from verses profound message ,about self disobedience and revolting character.
(track-8)"Nanook of the North" some strong sinister riffs highlight the story about eskimos,a hefty steady pace take off song's gravity,and convert it to anthem.
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"Back On The Lash"

...Cargo records...

track listing:

01. American Idol

02. I Get Fucked Up

03. Back On The Lash

04. Further Decay

05. Thrill Seeker

06. Goin' Broke Gettin' High

07. Black Out

08. I've Got The Rock

09. That's How We Roll

This product has perfect musicianship.   About the four pieces band has as liable the main brain the  almighty Kory  Clarke,he and limself means Warrior Soul mark,basicaly they disbanded at 1995 ,that was band's premature state in regards Geffen records era!!!They rate to New York's sleaze metal scene,but they didn't play sleaze ,they just found themselves close to sleaze radical names of those days,also,due to most of Kory Clarkes works and deeds they do have oppositioned matter about society or uses making political oppositioned topics a lot ,and in rascallion cult, year after year he messed and politics many times specialy on his  "Space Age Playboys" project ,nowadays forced himself to put out some street album more scamp and bum (out of politics), regardless matter about ,social edge and out of limeligh topics,night scams, and such freakshow stories.

***10 ten years ago Kory Clarke was in a band named  "Dirty Rig" (New Yorkers) signed at Escapi records, unfortunately Dirty Rig split-up at year 2017,but thanks to the man ,band was having same topics and princips about songwriting like happen's tobe today at "Back to the Lash " album,seems that is using the same glam sleaze motif that remainds from early ACDC to B.Sabbath also, and at least the Dirty Rig left back as testament before disbanded one album named "Rok Did It" the man may be prefere to carry on all his know how from Dirty Rig project to his new Warrior Soul band at 2017

This brand new studio album "Back In The Lash" issued at the third period of Warrior Soul activation, achieve to come out 5 five years after since the latest "Stiff Middle Finger".

Well, to made off this album the recipe  is to put however 50% vile and however 50% aggressive and thats attain the result with exact dosing  aggressive."Punk conception" and harcore as subject matter ,to be a subversive album writting glam rock'n'roll composes, as to be producer Malcom Mc'Laren , this one comes close to S/Pistols rock metal riffs as playing their guitarist Steve Jones, or sounds like early Tigertailz ("city kidz"),and close to Michel Monroe way of songs, or Steve Stevens solo albums.Here all these awesome guitar  riffs and solos come from someone with the nickname "Full Throttle".

'American Idol' is a crappy intro!

POLITICAL SONG:about  first (track 02):"I Get Fucked Up" is the one that reminds musically (Ian Asbury's)Cult  like Zodiag Mindwarp first albums way of music,while lyrics well blending the falsehood story about(NY)9/11,also blames about Wall Street stockbrokers and about country music peasants due their naivete.

TITLED SONG (track 03 ) "Back On the Lash":which means that  is diving himself to the social gator of substances drags dopes alcohol,means, self-destruction,but attributed it poetically with a fiendish way so make it pleasant, and totaly lilting in mid tempo, everything moves by the rhytm section,like Tesla music, like Rammstein, like old Styx, lyrics close to an old catchword "No Future" (founded by John Lydon and Sid Vicous)long time ago.

QUITE FLAMMABLE:(track 06)"Blackout",an absolute rhythmic drill,with agressivelly riffs, compose has instate correctly so be beat potential,subject refers to downfall of his courage,feels psychological empty inside because of  disapointment as  said,due the blackout has turn off all his fuses, cant eat ,lauph or enjoy,regardless alcohol getting worst day by day .

**The rhythm section isn't accidental because this is  the success regards net beat of this album thanks to the two siblings Adam Arling(Bass) and Nate Arling (Drums)


-The Two Good Periods Of Warrior Soul:"-a-"(1990) "Last Decade Dead Century",(1991) "Drugs, God and the New Republic",(1992) "Salutations from the Ghetto Nation",(1993) "Chill Pill",(1994) "-b-"The Space Age Playboys (2009)Destroy the War Machine (2012)Stiff Middle Finger

-Personal Albums a)"Opium Hotel I",  b)"Opium Hotel II",  c)"Payback's A Bitch",  d)"Light Your Bonfires"(acoustic)

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"Stand Your Ground"

-High Roller- rec/.

1. Secrets We Hide
2. The Enemy
3. Stand Your Ground
4. Hero
5. Destiny
6. The Sky Is Falling
7. Worlds Apart
8. Escape From The Night
9. We Are One
10. Stronger Than Steel
11. False Gods
12. To The Ends

Burning Starr  in rage of music genres are about  from blues rock up to speed metal and thrash feature the main vocals interpretation comes from the aggressive tenor Todd Michael  reactionary irritating voice making underground air the whole creation seems anachronistic metal project that goes against(it contradicts)to today's contemporary productions, it's a straightforward epic, unadulterated old school classic maximalist metal. Burning Starr  as vintage band play with the principles that established the genre and founders like Saint Vitus,and Manilla Road, early Saxon ... Paul Samson,as early (Paul di Annos) Iron Maiden, Dio's ELF, and 'Rods',early Virgin Steele, approaching even Cirith Ungol, in a few words any "British metal sort" sound on both sides of the Atlantic.(with their own words from interviews all around, Jack answering)

"JACK STARR'S apologize":The previous one was "Defiance" and then "Land Of The Dead", this year's "Stand Your Ground" was late more than 6 years to come out,cause during the songwriting was gathering material like topics or social themes worked slowly tedious with concentration ,to come out something qualitative and tasteful, not a rough and snippy time record but to stay in history.......................!!

ENEMY'S BEHALF: Unfortunately, this kind from the side of music industry in the US is deliberately contempt and persecuted as unproductive, not in the market and in stores, nor has supported by major media and television media....................!!!

WHAT'S WRONG":The threat in regards the way playing Burning Star,...is all faces of modern hard rock parts, these are substitutes of classic metal,namely Nu Metal, Industrial, EBM, Djent, 'malignant Alternative', or Grunge, so I am exposed to audiences as a backward ,and as Burning Star representative,a false composer and  guitarist in forgotten old school band...................!!!!!

SIGNING NEW LABEL: however, despite all  negative ones and deterrent effects and barriers because of major labels,German label High Roller sign  contract to Burning Starr in regards "Stand your Ground" album, namely to sign it means that,label counts to an amount of public, counts on sales, so traditional metal exists, so there are also proportionate customers, and besides the aged and purists ones there are young people who have just started to attract from old school music and get into traditional metal through some historic recordings these become best of our fanatic audiences__!

TOPICS: Although as metal characterized  brainless genre, this one's "content is about social speculation" will not find nor hell, even darkness or harley chopper bikes , somewhat it reminds like concept one,  where it's described globally, ... western civilization's race  trying to survive against the inbound nations cultures  that are uncontrollably invade to western territory, also title "Stand You Ground" describes the Defense and Controversy that the West has to fight for its values and identity ,while system being degraded and eroded by parasitic gathering of foreign hostile and aggressive civilizations that surround it, especially in the big cities regions
REST OF THE STAFF: best album was named as a producer Bart Gabriel, while technically mastering and mixing was undertaken by Kevin Burnes, a persistent and tireless master of digital recording and digital editing, he did not calculate the lost time or the superhuman work, but he was only interested in a perfect result (he is a major craftsman making the layers of solos not to be weaken and lost their uniqe)

A STATE:(As Jack Starr says after his collaborating with Daniel De Feis on early albums of Virgin Steele ) The 80eighties as a press term,namely,..epic bands were ruined by the levity and sexism of Glam and Hair Metal bands such as Mottley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, Twisted Sister, Ratt (as were belong to the metal genre too) , while unfortunately rest of the major bands that had something to say like Dio, Rainbow, Riot, Savatage, Rods, Virgin Steele were lost or ignored, because they criticized due their lyrics some bad topics of society, they had sad stories to tell  were talking about real concerns and surrounded from potentional melodies .This scene gonna be come back, in the forefront this time, and make more audiences,that's for sure because of supported by loyal and fanatical fans of all ages purists and newcomers

TRACKS: Standing Ground contains many tracks because it counts like double double album of 79 minutes so if you run vinyl will comes out as two 33LP discs ...
BALLAD: i guess most sensual track  is album's ballad Words Apart, which is going to live in memories for many years, there appears abilities of Todd Michael as a top singer




DANZIG : ''Black Laden Crown''

1. Black Laden Crown
2. Eyes Ripping Fire
3. Devil on Hwy 9
4. Last Ride
5. The Witching Hour
6. But a Nightmare
7. Skulls & Daisies
8. Blackness Falls
9. Pull the Sun

Danzig has forced to return back to Def Jam records metal music sort ,when was under his producer Rick Rubin, same man like Slayer's producer, is in favor of trying to catch again the same style of his own 1990-92 album Danzig III and his 94 Of "Danzig 4", that means, trying for something darker and damned, in regards sound of doom Hard Rock Blues and slow ,'fixed catchy' horny Heavy

Some american old men producers and sound technicians are these who says that Danzig-project,as a brand, is the sequel after Samhain's band and its course within music-industry , because bands qualified guys just turned it's name to "Danzig" due to hard competition out there these old days ago,and this name remain till today.

His disaster was in year 1997 when it tried to become more weird and weider until then, and added electronic craps & industrial elements, so his audience people had to abandon that days, regardless for a lack of burial dark and gravie elements were lost then , after 20 years change his mind and returns with preparing area with his 2015 cover album Skeletons

The album that destroyed Danzig's image procedure was "Blackacidevil" in 1996 was techno Industrial away from classic doom metal genre and Rick Rubin's guidance, as it was expected devilish pedestal abandoned Danzig (CD title ment black1, acid2, & devil3) so his audience removed elsewhere, unfortunately he has ranked in the conscience of his listeners as hellflames worship artist.

Fans demanded on bringing back genre sound as was during the time of mean-guitarist John Christ, after years Glen can't make it otherwise,and started preparatory of air as bringing out the cover album skeletons to warm up listeners and then bringing out the main full length album of "black laden c."to mark his return

Let's check some frontage tracks,what happen about there

(Track, 1) "Black Laden Crown" reminds christian/easter psalm in big friday devoutness, flows in slow beat,rhythm section and guitar made ultimate dark, air goes quite nocturnal,singing interpretation evocates, Tommy Victor's guitar pretty matches,is a known guitar as was it long ago perfectly customized the days before John Christ left it once (reminds Type o Negative melodyform)

Track 2 "Eyes Ripping Fire" makes a guitar introduction of a monotonous mid tempo well-rounded ,with heavy riffs and a long permanent "metallica" motif that is repeated after each refrain followed by horrifying lyrics refers to some 'fiend'! in reptile form and donkey ears, having "Eyes ripping fire" ,having these devilishly eyes the fiend looks as "Stone-faced messiah",lyric says!,a false melody from a droughty composition and substrate from Glen's suchlike presley deep voice (reminds Meteors psychobilly covered in metal form).

Track 3 "Devil On Hwy 9" starts with strog-grandioso long guitar prelude, isn't great melody but a lengths steady riff wall motif cover continuously,a burden motif composition,!...this supernatural highway makes difficult the passage to bikers squads where their driving Harley cycles through demons were lurking around looking like Hellboy,or horn Goatheads and tail,the riding is like in Ghostrider movie through darkness and flames (reminds early Ian Astbury's Cult).

Track 4 "Last Ride":Heavy slow doom ,down tempo outburst , here lies the old good Danzig spirit,a very big trippy solo from Tommy Victor the Eric Clapton school or earlyTed Nugent atmosphere.

Black Laden Crown is a masterpiece album than anyone can be expected to give the current line up of the band ,specialy making for black minds and black ears were expected,band was a legend,once, now is trying once again to climb up......

ENSIFERUM  :  "Two Paths"
-Metal Blade rec/s-

Ajattomasta unesta   
For Those About to Fight for Metal   
Way of the Warrior   
Two Paths
King of Storms
Feast with Valkyries
I Will Never Kneel
God Is Dead
Hail to the Victor
Unettomaan aikaan
God Is Dead (alternative version)
Don't You Say (alternative version)
      running time 53:30
--Is like ancient movie serial soundtrack, triumphant composes.  It's just sequel as previous album from year 2015 "One Man Army", hears bulky recordings as acting live on stage,maybe!, recording all together playing at the same time in some record cabin ,the basic feature are harsh male vocals but on melodic rhythms, hardly,sometimes goes similar to crude black metal stuff.
The platform of action are legenary characters from ancient war machine during the scandinavian medieval ages, the charm that offers epic narratives during the northern troops invasion down to the Roman civilized world.(ancient troops invaded to southern places)
Distinguished Ensiferum's basic elements, triumph clues in grandioso dimension, with martial epic elements of action same time it appears a below humor namely there are hints of mocking slaughterers swordsmen impressions of inferiority in interpretation, in a rollick way trick ,deliberately avoid to be compare with murderous obscurantists such as Marduk and any other cruel and sadistic band who follow by sick thugs audiences,not to be considered principals that lured around some brainless guys to wear armors and carrying swords at concerts , the other fundamental element is some raucous classical orchestra's , as well as uplifting opera motifs mixed with soft black riffs and  ,to make theatricality air..
About songs:
(track_02)"For Those To Fight For Metal" the open song a typical melodic black metal  ,on purpose hears  sophisticated and noisy,while behind main singer added rest of the band members back vocals , guitars grandiose  huge and riffs are huge  charged track, bursting and raging , in the abstract makes warlike air while the topic is about a hymn regards metal rebels
(track_03) "The Way Of The Warrior": is the official power play from this album, (so it became labels  represent official video)) is in the same composition's pattern and style reminds Equilibrium, guitarists Markus and Petri with artillery guitars make reaping riffs , also thankfully the akordion brings much easy the  things to Folk, the composition is melodically elaborate polished and careful not to become like black metal of  amon-amarth or trollfest
(track_04) "Two Paths":a very grandiose intro as guitars taking care of it ,frames a frightful theme from the concept  story wich consists of many separate segments, somewhat mid tempo beat,in theater script air , while  increasing the speed and accordingly follows one another,with two vocals kinds, the normal that dominate throughout that's the nice character of the movie, and harsh vocals that are the fiendish character, alternating accordingly, at choruses added greatness from choral vocals
(track 07)_ "Dont You Say":It's a sad potential motif,and powerful melody as songwriting also guitars tuned perfectly they don't slide over making solos and stunts, following urged the rhythm section's railway beat, to highlight the meanings and lyrics, describing a personal experience,their own lesson regarding members of the band,comprising Violin,and brings folk power even further and forward ,affects and stimulates feeling even more.
Best song(track 09)_"God Is Dead":a majestic 'movie-intro' follows by feature traditional folk motif then main part as aggregate is most outrageous and urged of the album,guitars follow beat,and beat push guitars and drums to flaming dance accompaniment,fast enough,devil-choruses and songwriter made a mad up tempo, that sets fire,accorfion is leading instrument on purpose,so makes it even more dramatic this basic melody is emphasized continuously.
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